About Us

Residential / Commercial / Construction / HOA’s / Municipalities

Established in 2005, Roadrunner Cactus has beautified landscapes for thousands of Valley homes. We specialize in locating and installing premium saguaro cacti to fit individual and commercial needs. Our “Buy, Sell, Relocate, Remove” motto is the embodiment of our company.

  • Buy

    We buy saguaros of all sizes and from most locations. If you are a landowner, rancher, property owner, or homeowner and you are interested in selling your saguaro(s) - please visit the "Sell Your Saguaro" web page and submit your information. We buy Large & Small saguaros. We buy just 1 or 50+ at a time. Please contact us today for more information.
  • Sell

    Roadrunner Cactus specializes in premium saguaro sales and installations. Visit our "Saguaro Sales" page to view an array of our current available saguaros. If you have a specific desire or don't see what you are looking for online, please contact us today and let us locate the perfect cactus for your property.
  • Relocate

    Whether your cactus needs to be moved 10 Feet or 100 Miles, our crew has the experience required to safely and correctly relocate saguaros of all sizes and all quantities. We offer free quotes on saguaro relocations, call or e-mail us today.
  • Remove

    We safely remove all sizes of saguaros for all purposes - We remove Fallen saguaros, Leaning saguaros, Dying or Diseased saguaros, Overgrown saguaros, Unwanted saguaros & more. If you are in need of saguaro removal, contact us today for a free quote.